Jesus Prayed A Lot

After Jesus healed a man full of leprosy, Luke says this about Jesus: “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray” (Luke 5:16).

Most people would read that verse and think, “Ahh, cool, Jesus heals someone then goes off to pray alone.” Yes, that is true, but until we understand the full meaning of the verse, we won’t be able to truly appreciate the prayer life of Jesus.

The Greek construction of the verse, as my ESV Study Bible records, indicates a continual practice and could also be translated “was regularly withdrawing and praying.” So it wasn’t that Jesus went to a desolate place to pray once, but it was apart of his lifestyle and something that he did regularly. Despite the increasing crowds and unceasing demands, Jesus spent extensive time in prayer alone with the Father.

All of the gospel authors note the busyness of Jesus’ life but that never, and I mean never, robbed him with alone time praying with the Father. Jesus was way busier than any of us and he never used “busyness” as an excuse. If Jesus, God’s Son, thought it was necessary to go to the Father often in prayer, than we should gladly, humbly, and joyfully follow in his example.

Pray regularly. Your life depends on it.


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