You Must Ask

Some Christians foolishly think that if they don’t pray for things God is still going to give it to them because it is part of God’s “plan” for their life. This is a man-made statement and contrary to the teachings of Scripture.

James 4:2 says, “. . .You do not have because you do not ask.” James is ultimately saying this: prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.

Wayne Grudem puts it this way: “Our failure to ask God for things is often the reason we do not receive what he delights to give us.”

General prayer is better than no prayer but specific prayer is better than general prayer. God wants us to pray to him specifically and ask him for things regularly. Though God is sovereign over all things and knows what we need before we ask him (Matt. 6:8), he still wants us to pray to him to increase our dependence, love, and delight in him. Additionally, God is a good Father. And just like any good earthly father, he delights to give us gifts. However, he has set it up in a way that we get to joyfully participate in asking him in order to receive from him.

Ask God for things in prayer. He likes when you do that.


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