Words That Bring Life

I’ll never forget what Hall of Fame Head Football Coach, Mel Tjeerdsma, said to me after speaking at my first chapel ever for the Northwest Missouri State Bearcat football team.

There were about 50 guys in attendance and after preaching through a passage in Mark 2, all the guys left to prepare for the game. Coach T stayed. He approached me and shook my hand saying, “David, that was really good.” I chuckled. I found it hard to believe and thought that was just a routine saying for him that he always used. I was wrong. He continued, this time pointing in my face with his finger and National Championship ring that we won the previous year inches away from my face saying, “I’m serious. If I didn’t believe that I would have never said it to you. David, that was really good.”

Here’s a guy who is a well known coach and Christian and he took the time to tell me that he enjoyed my chapel. Those words brought life to my soul that day.

It took him 10 seconds to say that but I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” With our very words we can help bring life to those around us. We don’t think about this enough.

Here’s the thing about it: Coach T has no idea that he impacted my life so tremendously with his words that day. He may never know.

This point is this: We go about our lives everyday bringing life (and death) to people with our very words and we truly don’t know how much of an impact we are making. We should deliberately take the time to encourage people often because such a small task can make a big difference. Just because someone hasn’t told you that you haven’t brought life to their souls with your words doesn’t mean you haven’t.

What about you? Who can you call today to encourage and bring life with your words? Your pastor? Neighbor? Friend? Co-worker? Who?

The average person speaks 6,000-8,000 words a day. Choose to bring life to people with your words. You never know, you may say something to someone that could impact their life forever.


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