7 Simple Ways to Live on Mission

This is a guest blog post by Trevor Nashleanas, area representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the Northwest Missouri area.

One of the main themes of the Bible is what is commonly referred to as “mission.” The concept of mission being that God the Father sent Jesus to rescue those who believe from sin and hell to glorify and enjoy God. Now, God the Son, Jesus Christ, is sending Christians to lead others to him in return.

Too often we wrongly believe that it is only the pastor’s job to lead people to Jesus. Biblically, however, every Christian is a missionary, sent by God to bring people to Jesus for his glory. If you are a Christian, it is your high calling to live missionally so that others can know Jesus.

Here are 7 general ways to live on mission:

1) Engage people: There are plenty of people around you who are open to Jesus. Take the earphones out, shut down the iPod, put your smartphone away and start speaking with them. It’s pretty difficult to share Christ with others if you’re not interacting with them.

2) Establish relationships: The main factor of missional living is discipleship. Discipleship is simply friendship with direction, the direction being toward Jesus. Meet people, make new friends, invite people over. Begin these friendships with a question in mind: “how would God use me to help this person know Jesus through what I say and do?”

3) Be Christ-like: Peter instructs Christians in 1 Peter 2:12 to live such good lives among non-Christians that they take notice of the difference Jesus makes in their lives. People are drawn to the work of God in your life, so live deliberately and let Christ shine through your actions.

4) Talk about Jesus: Peter tells Christians in 1 Peter 3:15 to “be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have,” meaning “be ready to talk about Jesus when people notice the difference in how you live, talk and view the world.” Many Christians I know represent Christ well in their lives and then shy away from telling others about him with their words. When someone asks you why you do or don’t do something be honest, if the answer is Jesus then say so. As Paul says, people can’t know Jesus if they aren’t told about him (Romans 10:14-17).

 5) Ask good questions: Proverbs tells us that “the purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters and a man of wisdom draws them out.” Ecclesiastes tells us that “God has put eternity into the hearts of men.” The big idea is that God the Holy Spirit is already at work in the lives of those around you. Ask questions about their views and circumstances that will help steer them toward Christ. Additionally, ask questions that you know if asked in return would require you to tell them about Jesus.

6) Pray: John Piper puts it this way: “prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.” Start asking God to give you opportunities to share Jesus with others. Ask for boldness to be faithful in your witness. Ask God to use you to bring others to Jesus.

7) Invite People: When you go to church, Bible study or a place of Christian fellowship, invite non-Christians to go with you. Statistically, 1 in every 4 people you invite will say yes if you simply invite them!

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5 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways to Live on Mission

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am doing an internship in evangelism at my church. My assocoiate pastor’s motto is: “stop inviting people to church and start inviting them to know Jesus.”

  2. Scott – Thanks for commenting. Appreciate the quote, though I’m not sure I agree with it. It sort of minimizes the importance of the local church. The best way to make disciples is to plant reproducing churches. Inviting non-believers to the church in effort to give them an opportunity to hear the gospel proclaimed is never something that Christians should “stop” doing.

  3. Awesome post and thanks for that knowledge because you are right we are suppose to be out there being missionaries and we should be spreading God’s word more because our political system to fading from God’s teachings.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. One thing I think many Christians, including myself, struggle with is knowing how to verbalize their beliefs. Sometimes, I have been convicted over something, but when it came time to put it into words, I found it difficult. Part of it could be not knowing the Scriptures well enough. I am starting at the WalkRight Bible Institute in January, and one of their main focuses is to teach students how to support their beliefs with Biblical backing: to know where the verses are and to understand where the convictions come from. I am very excited about that! Thanks for posting! 🙂

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