A Plea to Christian Athletes

This is a guest post by Trevor Nashleanas, Northwest Missouri area representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Let’s be honest. People generally don’t hate Tim Tebow because of anything athletic related. Those who despise Tim Tebow feel that way towards him because of what he stands for: Jesus Christ. Be honest with yourself. If you’re a Tim Tebow hater, it’s probably because you have a problem with Jesus. If you’re a Tim Tebow fan, it’s probably because you’re a fan of Jesus.

It didn’t take long for haters and fans to realize that Tim Tebow plays for something much more significant than the scoreboard. That’s been true since he was in High School.

ESPN commentators, sports analysts, magazines and newspaper articles all alike seem to be asking the same question: ‘is God on Tebow’s side?’ All the media hype surrounding Tebow even has people wondering if God cares who wins a football game.

The answer, however, is that God is on God’s side and Tebow is on God’s side. Win or lose a football game, the bottom line of the entire Tim Tebow debate is that God is going to do whatever is going to make God famous.

Tim Tebow rightfully understands that it’s not about Tim Tebow, it’s about Jesus. Tebow is just stating the truth and those who have a problem with it don’t have a problem with Tebow, they have a problem with Jesus.

Tim Tebow is doing exactly what he should be doing as a Christain: using his God given platform to make Jesus famous. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 2:30, “The LORD declares… ‘those who honor me, I will honor.’” Tebow is honoring God, so God is honoring Tebow.

Those who take offense at this should consider some facts. Former Division II NWMSU Bearcat football Coach Mel Tjeerdsma, who led the Bearcats to 7 National Title appearances in 12 seasons, was an openly Christian man who honored the Lord.

Bearcat football quarterback Trevor Adams is a publicly outspoken Christian as well. After losses, Trevor would humbly respond in interviews that the tough loss was eclipsed by the fact that he plays for God’s glory and not the scoreboard. After victories, Trevor Adams would say that he is motivated by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and is thankful for the opportunity to play football.

The truth is Tim Tebow, Coach Tjeerdsma and Trevor Adams all honor God. They do so both in victory and defeat because God is working behind the scenes to make his name famous in Jesus Christ. Win or lose, God will honor those who honor him, by giving them a platform to make Jesus famous. Sometimes that means in victory, other times it means in defeat.

Christian athletes, here’s the plea: when God gives you a platform in the public spotlight, use it to make Jesus famous!

After all. . . Jesus is the only one worthy to be made famous.

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