Why Our Identity is Already Secured

One of the great ironies of we Christians who struggle with our sense of identity in life is that, in Christ, we already posses everything we so desperately long for and crave. Because we are prone to forget constantly, we need to be reminded daily. Paul reminds the Ephesians, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing . . .” (Ephesians 1:3). What is amazing about this text is this: every blessing that we want or desire we already have in Christ!

This list is not inexhaustible, but here are a few things that we often search for to complete our identity that we already have in Christ.

1. Love. God is love. We look at the cross and see his great love for us. This is unfathomable, but God loves Christians with the same amount of love he has for Jesus. A spouse or family or friend can give us their love, but unlike theirs, God’s is unconditional, everlasting and perfect. Because of Jesus’ perfection imputed to you, there’s nothing that you can do that can make God love your more or less. No one loves you like Jesus.

2. Notoriety. God notices you. His eye is constantly upon you. The Creator of the Universe has your full undivided attention and notices all the things that you do. Because God’s eyes are on you, it’s irrelevant if the world doesn’t notice you. “It don’t matter if the world don’t see us, we still mean the world to Jesus.” – Lecrae

3. Acceptance. Acceptance here can be interchangeable with belonging. To describe someone before Christ the Bible uses language like “enemy of God”; “sons of disobedience”; “children of wrath”; “dead in our trespasses.” You didn’t choose God because dead people cannot make decisions. God choose you and has adopted you into his family where you are fully accepted and approved because Jesus’ perfect obedience imputed to you and in spite of all of your constant struggles, sins, and shortcomings.

4. Happiness. Words like satisfaction and fulfillment can be interchangeable here. The Bible gives us the answer to why we exist: “For by God all things were created . . . all things were created through him and for him.” You were created by God’s and for God’s glory. That’s the reason you exist. Unless you live for him, not matter how much sex, drink, money, fame, possessions, etc. you obtain, you will always feel a void in your life. Only God can fulfill that because you were created for him. Clearly, our pursuit of God — knowing him and making him known — is nothing more than the pursuit of true happiness in life. There is an infinite (never ending!) amount of happiness in God.

Everything that we long for we already have in Christ. Our identity is secured forever.

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11 thoughts on “Why Our Identity is Already Secured

  1. Good thoughts, David. I also believe that it is imperative to understand who you (people in general) are as an individual, in order to take your place in the Kingdom of God. God already knows who you are from the beginning of time, so you don’t need to convince him of anything. However, you need to know who YOU are as a child of God, so that you do not solely rely on your identity in Christ, even though that is the eventual goal. Again, great post. Cheers.

  2. A list of such blessings is a good reminder of what, to me, God makes available to everyone, regardless of doctrinal belief, the way they conceptualize God, etc., etc. Indeed, our own lack of trust or violating our own conscience, and such can block such blessings.

    I used to be about as “in Christ” as anyone could be, in terms of biblical beliefs, sincerity, commitment, service to God and others (as a “born again,” Evangelical believer). I no longer hold to the many of the “central” or core beliefs involved in that (could list them but won’t). So biblically speaking, I’m no longer “in Christ,” at least in the Pauline sense. Yet I still enjoy these blessings as much as I ever did, and it seems like even deeper and more so, as time goes on. I still strive for “Christ-likeness” as this is a pretty good standard and model.

    Further, I have no concern whatever that my belief changes have jepordized my eternal destiny–fully knowing all the Scriptures that supposedly indicate such jepordary. To me, this is the best “Good News” of all. And I am far from alone in this understanding. I pray more and more Christians of all types can dialog over this kind of issue and enjoy a broader unity than is typically realized.

  3. About the happiness part… Are you really happy? =) Is sadness really not of God? Because that’s what I think your point is, which may be false. people who are generally sad or unfulfilled might think that God isn’t noticing them or moving in them. They might think that God is only exclusive to those who seek Him or love Him back which I think is wrong, too. (That’s just my opinion, you could correct me.)

    Still, thanks for the inspiring post.

  4. @Tacticianjenro: Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your thoughtful, humble response.

    Yes, sadness can be of God (suffering is probably a better word), but so is happiness (I probably should have used the word “joy” instead). The people who suffer the most are the people that are filled with the most joy. The main theme in the book of Philippians is joy in the midst of suffering. One can be sorrowful yet simultaneously rejoicing if they place their joy in Jesus.

    My main point with number 4 is this: All people were created by God and for God’s glory. Thus, the only way for true happiness or true joy is through him. And we can have that in Christ even in amid sorrow, sadness, or suffering.

  5. Reblogged this on INTIMATE GOD and commented:
    Great Post! Having a real life intimate relationship with God depends largely on us knowing who God is, and who He says we are! He tells us who we are! It’s not about how we feel based on what the world has convinced us of – it’s about who we really… who He created us to be. He created us to BE with Him!

  6. I think your last sentence sums it up well:

    “Everything that we long for we already have in Christ. Our identity is secured forever.”

    This is a great, undeserved, grace from the Lord. A very encouraging post. Thank you for sharing it.

    Also loved your quote by Lecrae. =)

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