Top 10 Posts In Year One

This week marks roughly one year that I’ve been in the ever so exiting world of blogging. Much of it has been rewarding, some of it lonely, and all of it tiring. It hasn’t come without criticism, but it’s difficult — I have learned — to critique writing. Particularly because there is no access to verbal tone and it is almost impossible to determine one’s motives. Either way, I enjoy writing and the many remarks of changed lives by the posts make it all worth it.

At a little over 50 posts, the blog is pushing 11,500+ views with hundreds of comments and subscribers. Some posts are more popular than others and I’d thought it would be cool (for the two people who care) to review and let you guys know which posts have been the most popular. So . . . below are the top ten most viewed posts in year one.

1) Identity Secured (1,259 views)

2) Why God Wants Our Praise (731 views)

3) 13 Things Every Single Christian Needs To Know (645 views)

4) Mark Driscoll: 6 Reasons Why God Created Sex For Marriage (633 views)

5) Charles Spurgeon’s Conversion Story (467 views)

6) 10 Reasons Why God Allows Suffering (439 views)

7) 36 Purposes of God in Our Suffering (408 views)

8) The Most Amazing Testimony I’ve Ever Heard (379 views)

9) 3 Observations From Romans 8:28 (362 views)

10) Mark Driscoll’s Six Principles For Dating (284 views)

P. S.

Apologies that I haven’t been able to blog regularly as of late. I’m in a transitional season of life without a laptop. I’ll try to become more regular in the coming weeks or months.

Post your comments below.

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