When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making A Difference

Do you ever feel like you’re not making a difference?

I had an encouraging conversation a few weeks back with a friend. She told me a story about a guy she knows in college who recently came back to Jesus after straying from him in his youth.

The guy lived the stereotypical secular college life: girls, parties, beer, etc. It was pleasurable for a season but the emptiness of this lifestyle soon began to haunt him. He knew he needed a change but did not know how.

One night after yet another round of getting completely intoxicated, he stumbled weakly upon a ditch he encountered by a roadside. He was by himself — drunk, lonely, empty, and despairing of life. He fell into the ditch face first and began to throw up the alcohol he consumed. He literally hit rock bottom.

In the ditch, for some reason, he thought about a song he learned years ago in a Sunday School class. It was a children’s song about Jesus’ unconditional love. He memorized the song at a young age. In the ditch he recited the words of the song and began to marvel at the love of God towards him, a rebellious sinner. The Holy Spirit sparked a change in his heart to repent and follow Jesus and his life changed forever.

Question: Who taught him the song in Sunday School? No one knows. Okay, God does. But the Sunday School teacher has no idea what sort of difference they made. That God would use that song years later to revive a weary soul is to be incredibly used by God.

The encouragement I am trying to lay out is this: Continue to be faithful to God in all things — especially the little things — and know you are making a bigger difference than you realize. Just because you haven’t been told all the ways on how you’ve been helpful doesn’t mean you haven’t been. People are slow to encourage others. But ultimately the goal isn’t to be praised by man but to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant!” from our Maker.

Maybe it’s evangelizing to a friend, or serving in the nursery at church, or preaching the gospel. Whatever. God is using you to make a difference. An eternal difference. A difference that’s bigger than you and me.

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5 thoughts on “When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making A Difference

  1. I very much liked this post. It is true every little action we do has an impact on someone’s life for good and bad. We must always keep that in mind. Jesus is our only hope brother. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great post. I can relate to “falling into the ditch” and “hitting rock bottom” all too well. I have been suffering from depression for several years now.

  3. Yes. Evangelizing to others is about life and death. We should take all opportunities to share the gospel and the word of GOD to others. This has been in my heart for quite a while now, and I feel the urge to help the lost sheep find their home. We should help them and not judge them because they look like this or that. Rather use love in all situations. Give love to those lost sheep is like reflecting the love of CHRIST through us from the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to them. Some continue to sin but they do not know about the deception of this world, and we are to be a witness to them. Leading them back home, (eternal life unto the kingdom of heaven, the gift of salvation) to CHRIST JESUS.

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