My iPhone 4S and The Gospel

I own an iPhone 4S. I enjoy my iPhone 4S and use it everyday. I primarily use it for text messaging, sending and receiving calls, social media, and emailing. Oh, and the GPS System. I’m terrible with directions.

People who are technologically savvy will tell you that you do not need an iPhone 4S if all you’re going to use it for is the functions that I described above.

One day my little brother, Robert, asked if he could use my phone. I said sure. He then began to play with it and I watched him do things on it that I did not know it was capable of doing. It was cool. Like really, really cool. He developed new programs, opened up new applications, updated new features, etc. He tried to show me how to maximize the use of my expensive cell phone and introduced me to new depths I’d never seen.

This is similar in our knowledge and application of the gospel.

In his new book, Gospel Deeps, Jared Wilson writes: “We evangelicals love the gospel for the few of its uses we’re aware of, but we end up missing its depths. We like that our gospel gets our sins forgiven and gives us a ticket to heaven, but we’re not sure of its functionality in our lives every day . . . We’re content to keep the gospel at an elementary level, assuming that we graduate from it, and the sad result is that we neglect the “grace upon grace” in the fullness of Jesus. . . The further into the gospel we go, then, the bigger it gets. There is no way for us to wear it out.”

The more capabilities I learn about my phone, the more I like it. The same is true with the gospel. The deeper we plunge into the depths of the gospel and the excellencies of Jesus, the more we love him and others. But unlike my iPhone 4S, the gospel is unending, unwavering, and unprecedented. The deeper we dive, the higher our joy.

Dive in!

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5 thoughts on “My iPhone 4S and The Gospel

  1. Powerful message David! At the beginning I didn’t know where you were going with the topic but it ended up being an amazing message.

  2. I agree! I have been in a time where I isolate myself from the worldly activities and just focus in GOD. I have found that the more I focus in HIM, the more I love HIM and have passion to seek HIM more, and the less passion for other things that distract my relationship with GOD. I have wrote a post about having an intimacy with GOD here:

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