2013: Worshipping The New Year Before It Gets Here

Did you have a rough 2012?

If so, chances are you may be longing for the New Year to come so you can have a “fresh start” or “start over” or finally get your shot at a “new beginning.”


This is idolatry.

It is idolatry because it is the act of looking to someone or something other than Jesus for your security, comfort, and position. You are essentially saying, “In 2012, things didn’t go my way. But, in 2013, I hope things will. And if they do, then I will have the security I am looking for. Finally, my opportunity to do things to change my circumstances.”

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to the New Year with resolutions, ambitions, dreams, goals, and desires to improve your life in any and every aspect. The trouble comes, however, when we look to it as our security, or that which will rescue us from our plight.

You don’t need a fresh start; you need to refresh your memory.

It’s not about what happens in 2013; it’s about what already happened 2,000+ years ago.

It is wiser to meditate about things that have already happened than to fantasize about things that may or may not happen.

What’s going to happen in 2013? I have absolutely no idea. For you, I hope the best. Everything you ever wanted. A blessed, successful, fruitful, prosperous new year. I hope it comes. But don’t put your ultimate hope in the New Year, but what Jesus has already accomplished for you many years ago.

Look forward to the New Year . . . but as you do, look up to Jesus who will get you through it. The one who will one day make “all things new” (Revelation 21:5).

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8 thoughts on “2013: Worshipping The New Year Before It Gets Here

  1. I hate new year resolution mind set. You are right it is a form of idolatry. I am working on a 2013 blog too. I am giving weight loss advice and trying to let everyone know it needs to be a lifestyle change not a diet or resolution. We have to change our life style to get desired results. We have to have a biblical approach to eating. Not an american approach to eating…

  2. As the elect of God, even if 2012 wasn’t the best in our very short memories, He’s still working all things together for good for us. Could always be worse: we could be without hope in this world. Thanks for keeping us grounded … in the truth.

  3. I meant New Year.. ah I’m losing my mind 🙂

    All though the mind is lost the sentiment remains the same, Happy NEW YEAR 🙂

  4. Speaking of idolatry, anything can become an idol, a GOD when we put our attention foremost on something other than CHRIST. That is why I try to stay away from all world pursuits that drag me into worldliness and idolatry especially. I have written a post here: http://stepintoeternity.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/4-very-important-things-for-the-bride-of-christ-part-2/

    The post talks about why it is important to stay away from worldly pursuits lest be tempted into idolatry. I also have planned of writing a post about idolatry in the near future.

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