4 Reasons Why God Makes You Wait

When God makes you wait for something, it’s not his way of depriving you, but rather his means of changing you.

Because God is sovereign over all, this is applicable to all of life. The big things like a spouse, children, a new job. Or the little things like waiting for a text message response, or waiting in line at your favorite restaurant.

In life, we wait. We seldom enjoy it. But we all go through it.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Corporation via compfight
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Corporation via compfight

But is there any purpose in it? Below are at least four reasons.

1) For your personal sanctification. God’s plan A for your life is to make you like Jesus (1 Thessalonians 4:3). Usually, the the longer you wait, the harder you’ll cling to God and his promises. It may not feel this way, but in the process of waiting, spiritual transformation is happening in your life.

2) To reveal your heart’s true motives. God tests you not to find out how you’ll do (he already knows), but to show you, deep down, what’s really in your heart. Sin and idols in your heart will appear when you wait. Things you did not think you struggled with will show up. Emotions of disappointment may arise. But this emotion — all and revealed emotions — are paradoxically a mercy from God. Why? Jon Bloom says it best: “If you find that sin is feeding your emotion of disappointment, then your event of disappointment is a kindness meant to lead you to repentance.”

3) To increase your faith. If God always gave you what you want when you wanted it, he would be an evil Father. Think about it. Considering our fallen and sinful nature, if you never had to wait, you would never have a reason to trust him. We would do our own thing. We would never pray. We would not truly revere him for his character. If we never waited, our lives would be much worse.

But God will make you wait. Often. And he usually does not give you things on your timing. But as you wait, deeper trust is instilled, and consequently, your faith increases.

4) To instill appreciation in you. I got this idea from a Desiring God article. And it is so true. You waited for the job … and then you finally got it. You were single until age 38 … and then you finally got married. You couldn’t have children for the first 10 years of marriage, and then, behold! A baby boy!

It’s hard to take certain things for granted when God makes you wait for them.

I can think of several times in my own life when God made me wait for something. During the process, I thought like the Psalmist: “How long, O LORD?” For a few of the occasions, when the wait was over, it almost was like I forgot I even waited. The joy of God’s faithfulness in the situation superseded the wait that I experienced. This has happened many times, and is also the testimony of many others.

God will make you wait. He is never late. But he is never early, either — His timing and purposes are always perfect.

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22 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why God Makes You Wait

  1. If I could instill the 5th reason, of probably 100s of others, that God is waiting for all the pieces to come together; waiting for the cog to come around and fits the hole just right. There are so many other factors besides what we want to see, even very good things!

    Wither it’s abortion to end or world hunger to vanish, we don’t always understand how God is taking a bad thing and turning it into something good! Imagine if Joseph, in the Bible, was saved out of slavery before he became second to pharaoh in Egypt!? Would Israel been saved from the famine?

    Certainly Joseph being a slave might not been the only way he would have risen to position to save Israel, but the slavery was an ends to save two entire nations and who knows how many countless more?!

    When our perspective is the Kingdom of God, we’re less apt to whine about why we don’t have a new car or why we don’t have a new job. We instead embrace that God has put us where we are “for such a time as this!”

    God Bless!
    Dave Lee

    1. I agree! We have been praying for almost 4 year that our home of 13 years and farm on five acres would sell with double offer. We need a double offer to get our price back up as the economy is so bad in the realesate world. Our home has been on the market since the middle of June the reason we have been praying so long is I survived a semi-truck accident and we new we would move. Soon GOD will provide us with a double offer and we will have enough of our equity back we put into our home for the last 13 years to build our last home. GOD is amazing but we must wait on him and when things do not come to us right away it is another time to be grateful as GOD knows everything things we could never know. 🙂

  2. Excellent points on why God makes us wait! It is difficult to wait but must remember it is in His timing and will to be answered. Thank you for sharing and stopping by my blog. May God guide you and bless you each and everyday!

  3. Great post! In this hurry-up world, waiting for anything can cause us to lose our tempers, tongues, and good senses more frequently than we care to admit. I don’t know anyone who enjoys waiting in line. We don’t like waiting at stoplights. We don’t like waiting for dinner. We don’t even like waiting for good things – like for fish to bite. We want what we want now!

  4. God is not a slave of the human clock. He created time, so He is not under it. There is no late or early timing for Him–it is always perfect timing. 🙂

  5. Thanks for liking my blog! I so appreciate this post since I am trying to figure out how my patience has grown and why. I am worried its because I needed God to prove himself in order for me to be “ok with waiting.” Definitely something I have been praying about and will be writing about soon! Thanks again for stopping by my blog! Look forward to reading yours!

  6. This is so helpful and so true! Thanks, DQ! When you come out of a season of waiting or hard times, you may not even get exactly what you were waiting for, but God knows exactly what you need even more than you do. I’ve found that I appreciate the sunshine a thousand times more after a terrible storm! 🙂

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