Why No Testimony is Boring

What’s your testimony?

I’ve been a Christian since Junior High and I’ve met many Christians over the years. I’ve heard many testimonies of faith, but I’ve seem to notice a common denominator with many: Many people think they have a “boring” testimony.

Let me say this: There is no such thing as a boring testimony. When God raises someone from the dead, it is always staggering.

I think I  know what people mean when they say “boring.” They mean to say, I think, that they’ve never done drugs, didn’t sleep around, didn’t have an alcohol problem, didn’t come to the end of themselves, and were born into a Christian family where God saved them at a young age. If this is the case, the testimony may not be as dramatic as some, but it certainly isn’t boring.

A testimony is what our life was like before we got saved, how we got saved, and how our life is now different because we are saved. The remedy to removing the word “boring” from our understanding of our testimony is a proper understanding of what our life was like before we got saved.

Remember what Paul said to the Ephesians?

And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience—among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind (Ephesians 2:1-3).

According to Paul, before we met Jesus, we were:

  1. Dead in our sins.
  2. Following satan.
  3. Children of wrath.

Then God saves you. And makes you a Christian where you become adopted, forgiven, loved, sharing in Christ’s inheritance, and seated with him in the heavenly places. We go from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Surely, there is no such thing as a boring testimony.

We can have testimonies that are more or less dramatic, but never one that is boring. When God raises someone from the dead, it is always staggering.

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33 thoughts on “Why No Testimony is Boring

  1. Thank you for sharing this, David. I have had a similar experience. I have been in some circles where “testimony time” became a series of everyone one-upping each other over who was a worse sinner before they got saved. In a backwards kind of way, this can almost start to glamorize the very sins that Jesus saved us from. I think you are dead on. The issue is that we don’t focus enough on the spiritual reality. If we saw it from God’s perspective, the difference between the converted drug-addict and the 5-year-old accepting Christ in Sunday school would be less radically different.

  2. So then, it’s not so much about the manner by which a testimony is delivered (engaging, dramatic, boring), but rather a radical shift in paradigm relating to the truth and transforming work of the gospel on our list es?

    I once was a slave to sin; I have been bought through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; and, now, I am a slave to righteousness.

    That, right there, makes me wanna shout for joy!

    I am redeemed!

    Great conversation, David.

  3. Calling somebody’s testimony boring may have a wrong assumption behind it as well: that conversion is the ‘end’, whereas in reality it is a ‘beginning’ and even the most boring conversion stories will have an ongoing testimony of God’s working in our lives (hopefully) 🙂

  4. Love this post…in fact I almost have an identical post that I was going to put up later this week. I believe that every person’s testimony is special because it is specific to them, and to our Heavenly Father, no one of his children is more important than another, and I hope that more people will be bold in sharing their own testimonies.

  5. Hey David, Well done! Testimonies are encouraging and you just have encouraged testimonies.

    I write about evangelism and apostles at BMarkAnderson.com. I invite you to send a guest post if you have any material along those lines.

    God bless you. Mark

  6. I use to think like that! That my story was boring because God didn’t rescue me from a past full of drugs and other things. But God saved me from DEATH! Such a powerful story to share!!

    1. So very true! Its important to remind people that what God has done in ones life is a sign of His faithfulness– hold it close– don’t be ashamed because we overcome through our testimony!

      Great article and equally good discussion… Oh.. And happy Easter 🙂

  7. I used to actually be upset that I had a “boring” testimony, but as I continue to grow older I occasionally get glimpses of the kind of person I would be if I did not have Jesus in my life, and it’s terrifying. I am now grateful that God saved me at a young age before I had a chance to really act out on my sinful desires and had a dramatic story to tell!

  8. Hi.
    Wonderful! Michael at ‘echo-Christ’ mentioned this post in his blog and I’m glad it led me here. What an amazing line you wrote, “Let me say this: There is no such thing as a boring testimony. When God raises someone from the dead, it’s staggering.” It’s nice to meet you.

    God bless.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

  9. Reblogged this on I Give God all the Glory and commented:
    Sharing this wonderful insight from David at ‘Gospel Relevance’ – I pray you will be blessed and encouraged by it.

    This is my favorite line… ” Let me say this: There is no such thing as a boring testimony. When God raises someone from the dead, it’s staggering.” AMEN – THERE IS NOTHING BORING ABOUT THAT!

    God bless you.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

  10. Every story God recites in the soul of man is a testimony of His glory. He etches his love and tattooed “Mine” on the yielded heart

  11. Right on, Each one of us are in need of the Savior! Not one boring testimony out there, all amaze me, that Jesus still redeems us and makes us His children.

  12. Perhaps mine is one that is ‘more exciting.’ My earliest memories were of being molested by my older brother. This incest continued until he finally took my virginity at 10. After that, it seems it was a horrible snowball effect and I had one abuser after the next for the next 15 years. From the uncle who touched me while he thought I was sleeping at my younger cousin’s sleepover, to the two strangers who raped me on the street while I chose to be homeless during my drug addiction. To the boyfriend who just slapped me a times to the fiance who broke my wrist, gave me a concussion and beat me unrecognizable- the very first time he ever laid his hands on me. I was a cutter at 10, abusing drugs at 21. My drug abuse finally caught up with me, when in 2012, I was charged with a felony for trafficking heroin. While incarcerated, I quickly realize I wanted to change, and vowed to do so, but wasn’t really considering God in my plan. I was visiting with the Gideon’s when they came to the jail once a week, and I said that little prayer, in Romans 10. Nothing happened. I didn’t feel relief, I didn’t feel God, I didn’t feel changed.
    But days later, I found myself at peace, wanting to pray, wanting to read the bible and I don’t know what moment I realized it, but I did. And I was saved. I’ve never been the same since.
    While I still struggle with my faith, He has delivered me from my drug addiction, and I now have hope where before all I felt was hopelessness (tearing up). through Him, I’ve forgiven my abusers as well as myself (though some days I forget). He has performed miracles in my life. He has stopped me mid sob when I’ve asked. He’s kept me safe, He’s helped me be strong. He’s been there through learning my daughter was being molested, my father having a stroke, my best friend relapsing (3x), filing a restraining order against my mother for hitting my teenage daughter and the court battle that followed. So many other HUGE things have happened since being saved, and I am continually attacked by the enemy, but I’m here.
    While maybe my story isn’t boring, sometimes I wish it was. I am using my abuse, cutting, and drug addiction to help others. Though, part of me, wishes I was saved as a little girl, perhaps my life would have been different, but that’s not in His plans for me. He’s using those hurts of mine to help others now. And i realize now more than ever, that He has been there the whole time. I’m fasting this Holy Week in dedication to Him. Surrounding myself with all things Holy (scripture, bible, prayer, church, mediating, christian music and movies) while fasting, putting all my faith in Him. It’s been put on the back burner, and I want to prove to God and myself that I can have faith in Him and Him only.
    Ok, I’ve rambled, but I felt led to share my story. I hope it helps someone.
    God bless you.

  13. I used to consider my testimony boring. Now I look at it as a way to show people they don’t have to have a bad life in order for Jesus to make it better. When I put my life in his hands, he has led me on exciting paths I never would have found on my own. That’s the Trstimony I want to share!

  14. I LOVED this post. Personal testimonies encourage others who might be going through times of upheaval. I provided my personal testimony this morning in church and unbeknownst to me there were other members of my church who were dealing with problems and by my speaking out they felt comforted, and others comfortable enough to finally seek support they needed from their brothers and sisters.

    I have also found that personal testimonies are highly effective when communicating with unbelievers. Namely because it cannot be disputed (in their opinion, the people I’ve talked to feel the Bible is contradictory, but they cannot tell you that something did NOT happen to you). I often use personal testimony as a segue to present the Gospel 🙂

    Now I am happy to share what I once considered my darkest hours, because often that is what brings others closer to Christ!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing my testimonies. God has delivered me from so much, and I know He must want that me to use what He’s done for me to be an encouragement to others. I look back on my journey in this life and I see His hand all over it. How can I just sit on that??

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