Thankfulness = Joy

There are many keys to joy, not just one. But let’s talk about one that often gets neglected: thankfulness. Here’s the equation: Thankfulness = Joy. Jesus could have been doing many things the night before he would atone for the sin of the world, but he choose to eat a meal consisting of bread and […]

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God Exceeds Our Expectations

I recently came across a startling observation in the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1-2. This story is one of my favorite stories in all of  Scripture. Having recently read it, something jumped out at me this time that never did before. Hannah pleads earnestly with God: “O Lord of hosts, if you will […]

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A Plea to Christian Athletes

This is a guest post by Trevor Nashleanas, Northwest Missouri area representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Let’s be honest. People generally don’t hate Tim Tebow because of anything athletic related. Those who despise Tim Tebow feel that way towards him because of what he stands for: Jesus Christ. Be honest with yourself. If […]

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