7 Ways To Pursue Humility

To varying degrees, we all struggle with pride. We may not always thirst for it, but a drink from the fountain of humility is one we all could use. Humility is not something we’re born with; it is something we must pursue. Though a virtue, the Bible never mentions humility as a spiritual gift. Even […]

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Vintage Humility

I read this story a while back and it is absolutely one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever read. Few stories give me goosebumps while reading. This one did. Read it for yourself and get inspired. I picked up the story from Doug Nichols, International Director of Action International Ministries. He tells the story […]

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What is True Greatness?

Imagine you were sitting in a classroom and your teacher asked, “If you desire to be great, please raise your hand.” Would you raise your hand? Probably. But what is true greatness? The world has its own definition of greatness. In the eyes of the world, greatness is earning a certain level of status, becoming […]

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