John Piper on Fighting Bitterness

Suffering is inevitable. Bitterness is a choice. Recently, I listened to John Piper speak about bitterness on one of the “Ask Pastor John” audio clips that Desiring God holds almost daily. Piper mentions four ways we can fight bitterness. You can listen to the full audio here, and I have also listed Piper’s four points […]

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Why God Wants Our Praise

Last night I watched Game 3 of the NBA Finals with my youngest brother, Robert. During one possession of play, Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heat’s Shooting Guard, felt as if he was fouled on a play but he did not receive the benefit of the doubt from the referees. Frustrated from the call — or […]

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St. Augustine’s Testimony

While preaching at this year’s Passion 2012 Conference, John Piper said that, after the Apostle Paul, St. Augustine has had more influence for Christianity than anyone else. Shocking words, to say the least, but what is more shocking (and encouraging) is Augustine’s testimony on how he came to faith in Christ. He tells the story […]

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Bible Reading Plans

Don’t leave it to chance to read the Bible in 2012. Plan to do so. A Bible reading plan is obviously not mandatory, but it is certainly helpful in helping you systematically and consistently read through the Bible to help give you a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Below are several links to choose from […]

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