My iPhone 4S and The Gospel

I own an iPhone 4S. I enjoy my iPhone 4S and use it everyday. I primarily use it for text messaging, sending and receiving calls, social media, and emailing. Oh, and the GPS System. I’m terrible with directions. People who are technologically savvy will tell you that you do not need an iPhone 4S if […]

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All Sins Are Not The Same

In a noble attempt to be biblically faithful and theologically accurate, I often hear Christians say something along the lines of, “All sins are the same in God’s eyes. Whether you murder twelve people or think about murdering one person, to God, it’s all the same.” In his classic book, The Holiness of God, the […]

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Jesus in The Old Testament

The key to reading the Bible is to see Jesus in every verse, chapter, and book. The events and characters in the Old Testament are seen as prefiguring Jesus in the New Testament. The theologians call this typology. Below are a list of characters in the Old Testament and how Jesus is greater and better […]

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